Monthly Memberships during Covid-19 -

Monthly Memberships during Covid-19

Monthly Memberships during Covid-19

All your questions about Monthly Memberships answered

We've had lots of questions about how to restart Monthly Memberships or buy new ones since our booking system went live, so here are a few of the main ones and our answers:

How do I restart my membership?

If you had an existing Monthly Membership with us when the lockdown struck, we will have frozen that for you while you were away. So, for example, if you had 47 days left on your membership on 24th December 2020, you still have 47 days climbing waiting on our system for you. If you want to restart this, it's simple - just book a slot using our booking page making sure you select the "Monthly Member / Multipack holder" participant type. This will let you reserve a slot for no charge. Then, when you turn up for your pre-booked session, just let us know at the front desk and we'll re-start your membership from that day.

Will my membership restart automatically when the centre reopens?

No, we won't restart your membership until you ask us to.

Can I still climb whenever I want?

Unfortunately it looks like we'll have to operate with a very restricted capacity for some time to come. That means that pre-booking will be necessary for a while and that we can't guarantee that you'll always be able to book the exact slots you want. If you keep an eye on the booking calendar and book ahead, we hope you'll be able to find slots that suit you.

So, do I have to restart my membership or can I just do pay-as-you-go for now?

If you'd rather not restart your membership as you're worried you might not be able to get value out of it at this time, that's fine - you can just book pay-as-you-go entries through the booking page and we'll keep your remaining membership days frozen for now.

Can I book more than one slot a day?

At the moment we're only allowing people to book one slot per day, to give everyone a chance to have a climb.

Does this include "supervisor" slots?

Yes, at the moment members can only book one slot a day, either to climb themselves or as a supervisor for another climber

Can I buy a new Monthly Membership if I don't already have one?

Yes, you can - to do this, book yourself an "Monthly Member / Multipack holder" ticket type on the booking page (for free), then pay for your new membership when you turn up for your pre-booked session.

Will there be penalties for member no-shows?

Yes, our cancellation policy (including no-shows) has been updated, please click here for the full details.

Hopefully this covers most of the main questions but if we've missed anything, let us know at [email protected]

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