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Alert triangle!

Max 2 children per adult

All U16s must be closely supervised at all times. Max 2 kids per adult.

No under 12s after 2pm on weekends.

Groups of 6 or more must be booked onto an instructed session.

Minimum age 7.

For full details read our supervisor guidelines carefully before arriving, thanks!

Bouldering is an adult sport which the whole family will love. It is really easy to get into, and younger climbers can join instructed sessions or be supervised by registered adult climbers, subject to certain conditions. Our minimum age for centre use is 7, and the activity gets better and better the older children get.

If you’re looking to bring a child to climb at the centre, here are three easy steps to get you going:

1/ Register online

All young climbers (and their supervisors, if applicable) must complete our registration process before their first session. It highlights some of the risks that any climbing activity entails, and gives you some important safety tips. There’s also a short intro video to watch which brings the information to life and gives you a better idea of how the centre works. Registrations last for 2 years. Online registration is free and saves you time when you arrive at the centre.

2/ Book an instructed session...

Our instructed tasters, clubs and courses are the best way for children to start bouldering with us, particularly if they or their parents haven't done much climbing before.

We have weekly youth taster sessions ("Rock Squirrels") available for climbers aged 7-11, which we strongly recommend as the best way to introduce younger children to the sport. We also have our Bouldering Academy courses for youth climbers looking to improve their skills, and our Youth Boulderers Award programme which allows older children (aged 12-15) to qualify to use the centre on their own (with parental consent).

In addition we offer regular clubs and Family Bouldering sessions which are the perfect way to start climbing together as a family and get the skills and knowledge required to safely supervise and encourage your children to progress in their climbing abilities.

Children’s parties are also available for 8th birthdays and older.

Details of all our courses can be found on our Youth courses and instruction page.

3/ ...or supervise your own children

It is possible to supervise your own children at the centre, subject to minimum supervision ratios, age restrictions, and important supervision rules – we take these very seriously in order to maintain a safe climbing environment, so please follow the link below and read the information carefully before your visit. The page includes a list of all your frequently asked questions, which should give you what you need to get going.

Read our guide on How to Supervise.

We look forward to seeing you!

Hopefully you can find the information you’re looking for through the links above – but if not, please give us a ring on 01273 422408 and we’ll do our best to help.