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Sales of used holds

Below are some used holds that we currently have for sale at Boulder Brighton.

How to buy

If you're interested in buying a set of holds, please email [email protected] with the name of set below that you're after, and when you would ideally like to come and pick them up. We will respond to confirm that they're still available and put them aside for you. You can then purchase them at the centre when you arrive to pick them up.


All holds for sale here have been used extensively in a commercial environment and show signs of age (see pictures). You should always check holds carefully for damage before use. There is always a risk that holds will spin or break when you use them. We do not take any responsibility for how you use these holds and you should make sure you risk assess their usage yourself. We will ask you to sign a disclaimer to this effect when you pick up your holds.


These holds are not supplied with any fixings - these will need to be sourced separately to suit your use.

Hold Set A1 (Yellow) - £50

12 holds in mixed shapes and sizes, as shown in the pictures below. Colour: Yellow. Material: PE.

Hold Set 23B - Core Geo Mini Volume (Blue) - £30

A single Geo Mini Volume, from Core. Click for more info on this hold on the Core website (over £100 new!).

"A mini-volume featuring 4 areas, each with a different base texture. It features a large grippy sloper on one side, a large grippy 'scoop' on another, and a protruding textured dome for pinching in the centre."

Colour: Blue. Material: PE.