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Register before you arrive!

Everyone using the climbing centre, whether climbing themselves or supervising another climber, must register by completing our Acknowledgement of Risk form. It only takes a few minutes and is FREE when completed in advance through our online registration system. In-person registration at the centre costs £3.50 per climber, so make sure you register online in advance.

Minimum age is 7.

1/ Watch our 4 minute induction video

2/ Register each climber and supervisor online

  • Climbers age 18+: every adult climber should register individually. Please do not register on behalf of other adults (they must complete their own forms).

  • Climbers age under 18:

    • All under 18s should have their registration forms completed by a parent or guardian
    • Adult supervisors (18+): if you are planning on supervising an under 18 in the centre you will need to register in the same way as an adult climber, and also read our How to Supervise page carefully
    • Climbers age 16-17: must be registered by a parent or guardian, but can climb unsupervised with their consent
    • Minimum age is 7.

Click here or below to load our online Acknowledgement of Risk (registration) form (this will open a new tab in your browser). If you need to register more than one adult, you will need to return to this page to begin a new registration each time. Children can be included on a parent's form where appropriate.

Click or tap here

3/ Visit the centre within 30 days

The online form will expire after 30 days – simply visit us within that time to complete your registration and get going! At the centre, let us know that you’ve already completed a form online and we should be able to find you on the system.