Roadmap Step 4 (from 19th July) -

Roadmap Step 4 (from 19th July)

Roadmap Step 4 (from 19th July)

Changing rooms and showers will reopen, but other covid measures remain in place for now

From 19th July, the government has announced that they’re removing some of the legal restrictions around covid, but has emphasised the need for continued caution in the face of the recent large rise in covid delta variant cases.

In light of this we’re being cautious and keeping most of our current restrictions in place for the next few weeks, while we monitor how the situation develops, to make sure we can keep running a safe and fun environment for our staff and climbers. For the time being this means keeping the booking system as it currently is, and we’ll be keeping our current masks policy.

Booking system and capacity

We will keep our current booking capacity of 56, and increase this when we feel it’s sensible to do so. This allows climbers to have plenty of space to socially distance from others around them, and limit the number of people they come into contact with at the centre. While capacity limits are in place we need to keep running our online booking system, so please keep booking your slots in advance as normal.


Although the legal requirement to wear a mask will be removed, government has said that it’s “expected and recommended” to wear a mask in busy indoor spaces. We would therefore ask, where you’re able, to please stick to our current requirements to wear a mask while in the centre, except for when you’re actively climbing or having food or drink sat in the café.


Good ventilation is crucial to slowing the spread of covid, and we’re lucky to have a big airy space to work with. We will continue to run our big extraction fans as well as keeping as many doors and windows open as possible.


We will open up our changing rooms and showers from 19th July. We hope this will ease congestion downstairs a little as people arrive to get ready for their climb. Please continue to arrive ready to climb if you can. The shop and café will continue to operate as they do at the moment.

Future changes

We will keep monitoring the situation and reassess on a weekly basis. We’ll post any upcoming changes on our website and social media pages.

Hopefully we’re getting much closer to things going back to “normal”, we just need to hang in there for a little while longer. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us since things reopened and enjoying their climbing.

James & Tom

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