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Recurring Membership Terms & Conditions

Responsible party: membership purchases must be made by those over 18 years old, using their own debit or credit card, and must be happy to be responsible for future payment of the recurring memberships included in the purchase. Any memberships for under 18s should have these purchases completed on their behalf by a parent or guardian.

Billing cycle and Minimum Term: monthly membership fees will be taken from your nominated credit or debit card on or shortly after the 1st of each month, and will give you one calendar month's climbing membership in advance. All recurring memberships have a Minimum Term of 3 months, and can't be cancelled within this initial period.

Cafe credit and other benefits: recurring members can put small purchases from the shop and cafe on their account to be billed with their membership at the start of the next month. There is a limit of £30 per month on these transactions. If you would prefer not to have access to this facility, please let us know and we can turn this off. Members can also get a 10% discount on most items in the climbing shop, including shoes.

Membership freezes: freezing memberships is not generally possible, but you can cancel the auto-renewal of your membership at any point in a month up to 2 days before the start of the next billing cycle (see Cancellations below). If you get injured, a membership freeze may be possible, please email [email protected] and we will help where we can. Freezes for injury cannot be applied retrospectively.

Future price changes: We reserve the right to change the cost of recurring memberships in the future. We will notify you by email of any price changes that affect your membership with at least 14 days' notice so that you have the opportunity to cancel your auto-renewal if you would like to.

Cancellations: to cancel your membership for any reason, simply complete an online Change Request Form at at least 2 days before the start of the next billing cycle. Cancellations are not possible within the Minimum Term period. Cancelled memberships will remain active until the end of the period which has already been paid for.

Terminations: we reserve the right to terminate memberships with immediate effect where necessary for operational or other reasons, including where climbers are in breach of our Conditions of Use as detailed in our Aknowledgement of Risk form. In the event that a membership is terminated by us part way through a billing cycle, the value of any unused days will be refunded to the original card used for payment.

Centre closures: from time to time we may need to close the centre to general climbing for events, training, maintenance etc, limited to a maximum of 7 days in any calendar year (including our regular 2 day closure over Christmas). Membership fees will be the same in each calendar month, regardless of any such closures. In the event of extended closures due to the covid pandemic, memberships will be automatically frozen until such time as the centre is able to reopen, and any membership days remaining carried forward.

Change Request Form: to make any changes to your membership, complete a change request form at at least 2 days before the start of the next billing cycle.