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Dogs policy

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We aim to be a dog-friendly establishment. We ask all dog owners to please observe the following rules:

  1. Dogs must be kept on a lead
  2. Please do not allow dogs onto the red climbing area matting
  3. Please do not allow dogs to lie in the passageways as people need to be able to move around freely without stepping onto the climbing matting
  4. Please respect the fact that not all customers are dog lovers and in the case of a customer asking for it we would politely ask you to take the dog outside the building
  5. If your dog is having a noisy day please take them outside so as not to disturb other users
  6. For hygiene reasons please keep your dog off table tops and they may not come behind the staff reception counter (however much the staff want to give them some love!)
  7. If they make a mess, please clean it up (you can ask us for the necessary cleaning kit)

Thank you!