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Accessibility at Boulder Brighton

We aim to make our centre as accessible to people as we can. Please see below for various measures we already have in place - if you think we could do better, please let us know.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, so we encourage you to get in touch if you would like to give climbing a go and we'll see if there's a way to make that happen. We have successfully run sessions accommodating various different needs in the past and we're always happy to try. If you have something in particular in mind, drop us a line on [email protected] and we'll see what we can do. Bouldering doesn't involve ropes and harnesses and there's always the risk of falling; in some cases it may be beneficial to try roped climbing in the first instance rather than bouldering, which unfortunately we don't offer at the centre. If you'd like to know more about climbing on ropes, feel free to also get in touch and we can recommend other local options for you to try climbing in a roped environment.

  • Wheelchair access - we have an accessible ramp down the right hand side of the building leading to a side door. If the door is closed, there is an intercom at the door which should put you through to the front desk, however if this doesn't work you can also call us on 01273 422408.
  • Toilets - we have an accessible WC on the ground floor adjoining the climbing area
  • Music - we do play music at the centre. If you would like us to turn the music off at reception to help us interact with you more clearly, please ask and we can easily do this. If you feel the music in the climbing areas is too loud, please let us know and we'll see if we can reduce the volume during your session
  • Induction video - our main induction video has subtitles to aid our deaf climbers, and the voiceover also contains all the important information for blind or partially sighted visitors.


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